Hello list (I am new to the list),

My interest in Zimbra is to use it in place of calendar server (the Apple OpenSource implementation of CalDav).

Indeed, for the time being it is only the calendar / scheduling features I really need.

The missing feature in calendar server that I would like to see in Zimbra (that's the question) is the possibility to make an appointment for a person who is not a user of the calendar sever. Is it possible?

For example, you need to setup an appointment for a patient using some ressource (a bed in a day clinic for example). The patient is obviously not a user of the system but has to be identified with a unique ID in such a way that from a calendar client or a programme, you can ask questions such as "what are upcoming visits for patient id 1234" or "when was the last visit for patient id 1234" or "what patients are using ressource X" or "what patients are scheduled for physician (a user) A".

Doing this, I hope to be able to use basic features from iCal on a Mac or on an iPhone. Then, programmatically (through some sort of API) get or set events from withing a patient care application.

If Zimbra is compatible with CalDav, I suppose I could use the Cocoa API, even only for a subset of the features.

Thanks for any hints or feedback on experiences!

Alexander Lamb