A few months back I posted about using imapfilter and using the IMAP select from requests. I recently tried to do a similar search from the webmail client with no success. I would guess that domain based searches, while not routine, should be fairly common.

Basically, I'm wondering if I can do something like from:"gatech.edu" that will catch all of the subdomains of gatech.edu. The "workaround" I found was to use a whitelist for each subdomain. This works fairly well, but I don't have a complete list of the subdomains so I have to update my list every time I find one that doesn't get caught in my filters.

If anybody is interested in my rather ugly config.lua, it is here:
Evan McClain

If you have a better solution (or have a more complete whitelist for *.gatech.edu, or want mine), please let me know.

Evan McClain