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    Default Deferred Messages

    I have a user who has been sending some really important messages to a person, but they havn't been getting them.

    After investingating the log, I found out that the address she's been sending them to is incorrect, and they are being deferred.

    My 2 questions are:
    1) How do I force the messages to bounce back
    2) What settings do I need to change to make sure that after 3 or so attempts, the deferred messages are bouced back.

    I treid a man page on postqueue, but it was not helpful.

    As usual, thanks!

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    It's a foreign MTA right? What is that MTA returning for an error? In general for bad address postfix should bounce it right away.
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    Yeah, they should bounce right away. Is the address mistyped, or the domain?

    If the address is bad, the next hop mail server should either accept the mail, or bounce it.

    If the domain, I can see messages getting deferred if the bad domain exists in DNS, but port 25 connections to the MX or A record time out. There's really no way to fix this - any change to that behavior would break mail pretty quickly, since you'd bounce mail for any domain that had a slow server, or was down temporarily.
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