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    Default Calendar printing configuration

    Hi !

    I just tested the hosted demo and it looks very promising.
    There are some features that I don't see in the calendar though, and I wonder whether they are implemented or not :
    - is it possible to assign a category to an appointment ?
    - is it possible to view multiple calendars in the same view, and to print them together ?
    - is it possible to print in color, with the above settings (different categories in different colors, and/or different calendar in different colors) ?

    Thanks a lot for you help !

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    - In the web UI we don't expose the ability to tag/categorize cal events. It's on the list.

    - You can overlay calendars that have been shared with you or import via remote ical/ics

    - The print view doesn't support this but we hope to add it in the future.
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    Hi Kevin !

    Thanks for your answers ! I'll keep an eye on the releases to check for these improvements.
    Very nice work so far, your Ajax client is impressive !

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