Hello everybody,

Everything is in the subject !
A little more explanation :
Before using Zimbra, we used to have CorporateTime as Calendar software. And it offers a nice functionnality: when creating an event, you can add different dates to this event (like a recurrent event), but without the notion of recurrence. You can in fact add as many appointments, linked to this one, but with various date, different lengths, start hours, ....
I'm not sure I'm totally clear (english isn't my native language...), but I hope you see what I mean. To help, you can see here an example of this kind of meeting : click here

The question is, can this be done easily with Zimbra ? I know we can create a recurrent event, and then edit each recurrence, but it's not as intuitive as it used to be, and some of our users do complain about it.

Thanks in advance !