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Thread: Scrolling the folders list

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    Default Scrolling the folders list


    A user asked me if it would be possible to scroll down the folders list (the one on the left of the main mail window) while dragging a mail. So you would drag a mail from the folder where you are, bring your mouse to the bottom of the list, and the list would automatically scroll down, without you having to drop your mail (or selection of), scroll down and start over.
    Maybe there would be some kind of browser hack to acheive such functionality?

    Thanks for your help,


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    Vote for Bug 23899 - Vertical Scroll bar does'nt automatically scroll down while Drag and Drop is used
    The Vertical scroll bar which comes when the folder list is long should automatically scroll down when a user tries to drag and drop a mail or a contact to a folder which is in the bottom of the folder list.

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    Man, it seems all my problems have been asked before, and I've been unable to find them.
    And I swear I looked it up this time.

    Thanks a lot!


    As a workaround for anyone looking for this, disabling the mini-calendar helps, and you can scroll using the mouse wheel in Zimbra Desktop

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