I've a mailbox ( Outlook with Zimbra connector ) to which mails with attachments are sent regularly. There is a legacy process that runs on this windoze box which scrapes those emails to look for attachments ( Excel spreadsheets ) and load them into a database or spit them out as CSV.
I'm trying to couple of things

* 1. Port this process or rewrite this process to run out of Linux
* 2. If I could read the same mailbox thro' Sendmail or some other way, I'd prefer that
* 3. If its not possible, then I'd want to know the procedure to read an Outlook inbox from Linux.
* 4. Once the inbox is accessible, I'd like to also know how to parse an Excel spreadsheet to get those values out as CSV or down the line use DBI to push them to a database.

I'm a newbie to Perl, please advice.