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Thread: Please stop using CTRL-C, CTRL-V and CTRL-X as shortcuts

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    Default Please stop using CTRL-C, CTRL-V and CTRL-X as shortcuts

    Dear Zimbroïds,

    could you please, once for all, stop using these three _standard_ shortcuts in the ZWC ?

    The problem has now several months, some languages have more problem than others, several bugs where open (and closed/fixed but partly only) and we still have these shortcuts.

    As I just said in (yet another) bug report :
    Quote Originally Posted by Bug report
    CTRL+C is one of the _worldwide_ standard for "Copy" ("CTRL+Ins" is the other one).
    CTRL+V is the standard for "Paste" ("SHIFT+Ins" is the other one).
    And CTRL+X is the standard for "Cut".

    IMHO, these three shortcuts should not be used _at_all_ in any translation (even in the default US English).

    These three shortcuts apply to any PC based OS (Linux, XP, Vista).
    The equivalent shortcuts for MacIntosh are with the "cmd" key instead of "ctrl" key.
    So please stop using them, once for all, for any language (including the default US-English). These shortcuts are handled at application/OS level and should not be hijacked by ZWC.

    Bug 32838: CTRL+C Shortcut within an HTML Editor and Italian interface
    Bug 32875: Writting an email a "ctrl+c" deviate from super standard "copy" behaviour

    Customers are not happy at all with these, especially when you tell them "bug was opened and it will be fixed in next release" while it's not (and it's a severe one for daily usage).

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