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Thread: [SOLVED] MacOS, .11 and the "@" character

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    Default [SOLVED] MacOS, .11 and the "@" character

    strange, strange.

    today my wife wanted to compose a message and told me that the she cant enter "@" into the email-adress. first i didnt believe her as i had sent a mail today without troubles.

    she insists so i checked it and - voila - on her macboc (10.5.5) she cant enter "@" into "To:", "CC:", "Subject:" and not even into the message. the key simply wouldnt work (its ALT-L as we have german mac keyboards).
    other special chars with ALT are working fine, entering "@" into the browsers adress-line or searchfield, entering "@" into other apps and webapps ... and entering "@" in the zimbra adress-book, calendar etc will work too !!!
    just the mail-part will take no "@" ...

    further tests show that
    .) the problem is on both safari and firefox 3
    .) firefox in ubuntu works fine (thats why i had no problem)
    .) a second macbook (10.5.5 too) show the same symptoms

    on monday i did the update to 5.0.11 ...

    dunno what happens here.
    didnt find any other post on this problem but "@ mac" is a difficult search-term i guess.

    has anybody a clue ?


    EDIT: added forgotten info about the update.
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