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Thread: VCARD Support in 5.0.10

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    Default VCARD Support in 5.0.10

    I use ZCS Open Source for home/personal use and cannot afford the 3rd party solutions for Blackberry synchronization, but I thought I had found a reasonable workaround for keeping my address books in synch, but of course there is an issue.
    I figured I could add all new contacts to my Blackberry, and then simply email myself the vcard for new contacts from the BB to my ZCS inbox.
    Well that part works fine, and the vcard is recognized by ZCS as an address book item, but when I click on the [Add to Address Book] link in the email with the vcard (.vcf) attachment, I get an error: INVALID_CONTENT_TYPE.

    This is pretty disappointing, because with the ability to auto import the vcard (.vcf) files created by the Blackberry, I have to enter new contacts by hand into both environments.

    Has anyone else had this problem and better yet, have you figured out a way around it.

    ZCS Open Source v. 5.0.10
    Firefox 3.0.4 on Ubuntu 8.10
    Blackberry 8830 (firmware



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