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Thread: A little help needed - a list of clients

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    Default A little help needed - a list of clients

    Hi Zimbra forum.

    Iīm a young guy that got the assignment - to test the different possibility at groupware as OpenSource:

    I got a question that I canīt seem to find the correct answers for...
    Wich clients are supoortet by Zimbra:
    In Linux???
    In Windows??
    In Mac??
    in other OS??

    Could somebody please tell me - Becaurse I have installed the Server, but also in the documentation there I canīt seem to find the answer for that question?? Or send me a link to where the info is???

    A young danish student.

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    Welcome to the forums.

    You can use any POP3 or IMAP client for Zimbra or you can use a browser, just go to http://yourserver/ and login.


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    Ok thanks...

    But I was meaning is it so that I can use all the activitets like shared calender in Mozilla thunderbird and Kontact??

    That was my meaning - is there a list of wich clients that supports all the features that Zimbra overs ???

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    Kontact can be configured to access your e-mail via IMAP, the global address list via LDAP, a shared calendar via "Calendar in Remote File" access to the remote .ics file (be sure to share it with the second option and provide a good password for it), and your documents and briefcase areas via WebDAV (although that's through Konqueror or Dolphin, or any file manager that understands kio-slaves).

    In theory, any e-mail/calendar program that can use IMAP, LDAP, and iCal via HTTP can access those areas of the Zimbra server.
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