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    Default Unable to Forward Messages...

    I am wishing to set up my messages to all be forwarded to my gmail account, from a ZIMBRA server client that my school uses. Currently, Drake has deleted my ability to do this, under "Preferences/Mail/...." Does anyone know of a way to bypass this? It is very annoying, and inconvenient. Drake's server deletes messages after two weeks, and such. All advice and guidance is greatly appreciated.


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    Could you please be more specific? Are you using Zimbra Desktop?

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    Yes, my school servers do use Zimbra Desktop (I do believe.) It just seems that they have edited them prior to implimenting them. I currently go to my school webmail page, and then log in, and then the Zimbra Desktop client is present.

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    Welcome to the forums,
    I think you really mean the Zimbra web-client & server.

    Besides zimbraFeatureMailForwardingEnabled is FALSE there's also an attribute to control forwarding in filters. So if zimbraFeatureFiltersEnabled & zimbraFeatureMailForwardingInFiltersEnabled are both TRUE on the system you can:

    Preferences > Mail Filters > new filter > any
    To matches, contains, or use wildcard * for your address
    Cc matches, contains, or use wildcard * for your address
    Under preform actions:
    Keep in inbox < seriously select that
    Forward to > external account.

    You may think 'keep in inbox' is silly, but it's sieve rules - if you don't select that the mail will disappear from your ZCS account. And if there's ever critical info that doesn't make it into your external for whatever delivery reason you will be seriously unhappy.

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