I am an user of Zimbra (5.0.9 running on Linux64/Ubuntu) on my Windows XP/Firefox 3.0.5 and am trying to import my old SunONE calender into Zimbra.

I export the ics file from SunONE and import the file into Zimbra. 357 events are imported it says and it does look good. But some events are missing/not showing.

Debugging a bit, I have found that some (not all) events with the RECURRENCE-ID: set are not shown. I isolate 1 of these events and create an ics file with just that event in (UTF-8 encoding). I ask Zimbra to import it and it reports 1 event imported, yet the event is not showing (even after an calendar update or relog).

I expected that RECURRENCE-ID was the culprit and I deleted that line from the ics file and imported the file again. Zimbra reported one event imported and in the calendar I could now see two events, indicating that the first even WAS imported, but was simply not showing.

I am not the creater of the events that are not showing.

How should I proceed if I want the events to properly import? Editing all non-showing events, deleting the RECURRENCE-ID, seems a bit tough, but what else can I do?

I need the events in my main calendar as I need to synchronize them with my phone (the not showing events are not synchronized to the phone).