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Thread: Polling interval question

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    Exclamation Polling interval question

    When logged in as a user I go to the options screen to make a change (signature, for example). However, I cannot save the screen because an error appears in the botton left corner message box saying that I need to have a value of 2 minutes in the polling interval field. I put "2" in the field to appease the error and then save the page. In the default COS I have defined to check every 5 seconds. My question is which is in effect? Is this a bug in the user options UI where you're forced to put a 2 in the polling interval in order to save the screen?


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    Every 5secs is way too much. It will kill your server with requests. We have a system level check to keep it from going below 2minutes so users can't set it any lower. You'll have to edit the code if you really want to set the polling so low.
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