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Thread: Many keyboard shortcuts do not work

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    Default Many keyboard shortcuts do not work

    Hi there,

    we've got a "minor" problem, that actually keeps people away from your wonderful webmail interface... :-(

    Many (the most useful unfortunately!) keyboard shortcuts do not work.

    I mean, if you press "."+"t" when on a mail moves it to trash, but the easier (and more intuitive) "del" button does not at all! (actually THIS is the most important shortcut users keep asking me... :-( )

    Same goes for backspace, space and so on (also "]" does not, just to give an idea). Seems that any general shortcuts and some less general are broken, while others do work flawlessly.

    Keep in mind that I have 2 different 5.0.10 NE x64 installed, one in production, the other for testing and zimlet development. The one in development does work without a hitch, any shortcut I tried was working! That means that some misconfiguration happened on the production box. Which sucks big time... :-(

    any idea anybody? Or should I file a bug? I'd fell a little dumb in doing it, I have no clue on why it's not working... :-( That would result more like a plain whining, not being able to suggest anything useful for debugging purposes...

    P.s. tried to activate/deactivate the same stuff on the working box working on my user only, but no, nothing... even with identical zimlets, functions and so on (well almost...)... :-o
    Even Firebug doesn't say a word about it, hoped to find some error highlighted, but none so far... :-(((
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    I now verified that the per-user admin setting about keyboard shortcuts doesn't change a bit, whatever you set there. I tried to switch 'em off, but they (partially, of course...) keep working!

    Notice that I obviously logged out and back in once I saved the new user prefs in the admin gui... ;-)

    Even more: the same applies for the dev_box (nevertheless, here EVERY shortcut does work)

    Does this give you the slightest clue about the problem, anybody?!?!?
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