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Thread: Firefox crash at appointment notification

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    Default Firefox crash at appointment notification


    some of our users (not all of them) experience a crash of Firefox (3.0.6) every time a calender appointment notification comes up.

    At one PC I solved the problem by unselecting "play sound" in the calender properties of the user. But others report that the problem remains even if it is unclicked.

    Other PCs (with the same environment: XP SP3, Firefox 3.0.5 or 3.0.6) did never show this...

    Does anybody else experience the same problem?

    - Bernhard

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    It might be caused by the client trying to play a sound. Can you find out what version of quicktime is installed on the machines with the problem? The aboutlugins page in Firefox will show the version.

    And is the sound is the problem you'll also want to uncheck the "Play a sound" options on the Mail and Instant Messaging preferences tabs.

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