While our evaluation of Zimbra as a groupware solution has mainly focused on calendaring/mail features, a conversation with a friend has me thinking about the Documents/Notebook portion of Zimbra.

It seems to me that the AJAX technology and Documents feature of Zimbra Web Client would be an excellent start toward a wiki module, or a wiki-like feature, that would allow user contribution toward an expanding organizational knowledge base. In the process Zimbra could overcome what I believe is the chief deficiency of wikis as currently implemented, namely the ugly and far-from-transparent markup codes they use.

In the meantime, I wonder if anyone has worked up best practices for creating a shared document base. It might seem trivial but I'd appreciate any tips on potential pitfalls. (Off the top of my head, I'm wondering how intra-Zimbra links within documents work, and also how to manage tracking revisions and doing rollbacks.)