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Thread: Removing public share

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    Default Removing public share

    Maybe there is already an answer published somwhere on forum but my search criteria did not produce anything useful.

    I have a briefcase called "test". I have not shared it so it can not be accessed publicly through the following url:

    When I try to access it, the web server asks me for useranme and password. This is OK, because I have not shared it yet.

    Then I share it with Public. Now it is accessible without authentication on the upper url.

    How do I unshare it so that it can not be seen without authentication?

    The same behaviour applies to all folders that can be shared with Public.

    Best regards,

    Joze Volf
    iLab d.o.o.


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    Thank you for the answer. I will search through the bug list next time I meet a problem.

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