Hello everyone

Im relatively new to Zimbra, started using it less then a year ago and even though I have browsed this forum a few times, this is my first post.

I use the Web-Based Zimbra at work and I have a little "problem" I was hoping somebody could explain to me, or let me know if that feature is at all included.

Is there a way for me to reverse the default order of folders in the side view of Zimbra ?

Next to my inbox/sent/drafts etc.... I have a few personal folders. one of them being TechStuff. My company uses a ticket service for error reports and general computer related stuff, so when I send an e-mail to my support staff I get a ticket number back.

What I've done so far, is sort those tickets under the TechStuff folder with the ticket nr. and share the "root" folder with my boss, so he can see my error checking and search for solutions from that folder. Excellent stuff!

However, because there are alot of different mail connected to each ticket nr. they dont all have the same headline, and some tickets have perhaps 5-10 people involved and total 20-40 e-mails. What I've done to keep track of this properly is create new folders under the TechStuff folders with the ticket nr and a short description. as in "TechStuff-->#25558 this problem" and another folder under that one called "TechStuff--> #26847 the other problem" The TechStuff folder remains shared and my boss can browse easily through the tickets I've opened.

This only leaves one "problem" behind. My Zimbra automatically sorts those subfolders by name, so the oldest tickets are always at the top, and now today, when there are over 100 subfolders there, its a long way to scroll down to the latest one.

So my question is this, Can I reverse the order of those subfolders somehow, so that the topmost subfolder is the highest one ? Reverse the automatic alphabetic sort order.

Hope this makes sense, and hopefully someone can help me out here