I was very pleased to get a Treo 700 up and running today. I could not find a setup document, however here is how I did it.

1) The Treo 700 must have web browsing available, if you cannot view google.com or msn.com you will not be able to use wireless ActiveSync 4.1 on the Treo, so please make sure you have web service to your Treo.

2) If your trying to use ActiveSync by wireless, there should be no need for the cable and PC ActiveSync connection, (it may offer some advantages, however users seem to want wireless, so dont become dependant on the USB/Trio cable), and no need for the CD that comes with ActiveSync for PC install of ActiveSync.

3) Use IMAP4 mail, though you setup ActiveSync 4.1 to sync contact, calendars, and idealy exchange mail, it seems to only sync the contacts and calendars.

4) We dont use SSL, though im sure it could be enabled, we choose to simplify the install.

I will try to do screenshots or a video and post this, contact me if you have any comments to share on Treo 700 setup.

Daniel Bath

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