I wonder if anyone has any thoughts on improving the preview/read interface in the web client (and by extension, Zimbra Desktop)?

At least in 5.0.12 the interaction between conversation view, the reading pane, and opening messages in a separate window seems a bit clunky.

For example when I have the Mail preference set to "double-click opens message in new window", I'm in conversation view, and I double-click on a conversation, wouldn't it be nice if a sort of "conversation browser" would open in a separate window? (Basically, this should be what I get when I double-click on a conversation when the "open in new window" preference is off, just in a new window.) For that matter, if I don't have "double-click opens message in new window" set, wouldn't it be nice if I could access said "conversation browser" via the Launch in separate window icon? (In the current version, the icon's just grayed out.)

Furthermore it's somewhat confusing that single-clicking on a conversation opens the first message in the reading pane without providing an overview of the conversation or a method of going to the next message. Perhaps selecting a conversation should automatically cause it to be expanded. Or else, the "converation browser" should be opened within the reading pane, with the first message selected.

Will any of these interactions be changed in 6.0?