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Thread: Small Biz licensing?

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    Default Small Biz licensing?


    I was looking at the pricing for the paid version of Zimbra, and I'm not quite seeing where a small busines (say 3-20 people) fits in. For larger installs, per user cost is under $30. For smaller installs, we're talking from $483/person per year for a 3 person office down to $96/person per year for a 15 person office.

    Given the fact that OS-X is now supported, it seems like a lower price point for small offices (which just happens to be my bread and butter) combined with the tiny Mac Mini would make an ideal Exchange killer. $600 for the mini, another $100 for an external FW drive for backups and you've got a nice Zimbra server/intraweb server/backups server/print server.

    Are there any creative licensing plans afoot?

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    Your right we don't offer smaller packages than 50 users today for on-premises installs. The current solution for those smaller installs less than 20 would be to get a hosted Zimbra from one of our partners or just purchase a 50 pack. In the future we may lower the minimum but something we offer today.
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