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Thread: Integration w/3rd party apps in Open Source edition

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    Default Integration w/3rd party apps in Open Source edition

    Hello all,

    I've got the open source version up and running, and had no problems with the install. Now I want to see what I can do with Zimbra. I was perusing the wiki/FAQ, but I'm not really seeing much in the way of documentation.

    Might I submit a few questions that would be good FAQ material? These are mostly Network vs. Open edition:

    -what 3rd party apps can interoperate with Zimbra in the Open Source edition? Split out calendaring vs. address book apps.
    -how to setup ical or any other icalendar compatible app to "subscribe" to a user's calendar? (note: ical chokes on https addresses).
    -how to setup LDAP address book features in popular apps, such as OS-X Address Book, Thunderbird, and any other mail clients that can talk LDAP.
    -if someone wants to extend how another app works with zimbra, or hook in an existing web app, what kind of goodies are available? Good SOAP tutorial? Examples?
    -in OS-X, is it possible once Address Book is speaking LDAP to Zimbra to sync a phone or other device to Zimbra VIA Address Book and iSync?

    If the wiki is open to edits, I'd gladly put all this and more in the wiki. Message boards are horrible for maintaining documentation.



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    We have full standard documentation here:

    The wiki is open for edit's so feel free to add new topics of expand on what's there.

    - Splitting Zimbra would be hard.... Things are tightly coupled in many areas to give good overlap with the information

    - we have lots of REST url's you can search the forums on ical or rest and get the format etc. You don't have to use SSL you can allow Zimbra to also expose http.

    - SOAP is documented in ZimbraServer/docs/soap*.txt, there is also AjaxTk information starting to make it's way into the wiki.

    - yes. even better use our iSync adaptor in the Network Edition to sync to your mac and then to your phone.
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