I don't know if this problem was already reported, but searching the forum returned no appropriate results.

Environment: ubuntu-8.04.2/2.6.24-24-server
5.0.14_GA_2850.UBUNTU8.FOSS 3-mar-2009
clients: OE 5/6, TheBAT! 2.x

Usage of web-clients is not honored in our organization, pop3/smtp are mandatory.

Sometimes when relatively large (2+ meg or so) file is attached, then only headers and few first words of message are downloaded via POP3. Regardless of mail-client software.

But in web-accessible mailbox the message (before POP3-deletion) is in perfect state, with all attachments visible and downloadable.

Right now I found only one workaround:
1. let mail-client leave POP-downloaded messages on the server for next 7 days.
2. Should above mentioned problem arose, then user may read his message via web.

But it is not good solution.

Any suggestions?