Meeting Maker 8.7 (and maybe earlier versions) has a feature that causes it to send an email with an .ics attachment to attendees of a proposed meeting. When a Zimbra account receives one of these emails, the meeting is automatically entered in the calendar. It's also automatically removed if the organizer later cancels the meeting.

This is kind of nice, but....

a) Even if I decline the meeting via the email message, it stays in my calendar until I delete it.

b) Meetings that are entered onto my calendar this way don't seem to get transmitted to my CalDAV client (iCal 3.0)--even if I accept them in the web client. They do get transmitted over AirSync.

Any insights into what's going on? I'm not really too worried about Meeting Maker per se, but neither of these behaviors is exactly what I'd want if someone sent me an .ics file.

(Invitations sent from Entourage seem to be a bit better behaved.)