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Thread: eM client--anyone tried it with Zimbra?

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    Default eM client--anyone tried it with Zimbra?

    I just found out about eM Client - E-mail Client with Calendar

    Apparently a CalDAV + IMAP client, it seems like it could be a good alternative to Outlook for Windows people who want a "normal" client app instead Zimbra Web Client/Zimbra Desktop. (I suppose Mulberry would be another option but the lack of recent updates is a bit off-putting. On top of that, I never hear about anyone using it in a business context, but maybe I don't get around enough.)

    Does anyone have any experience with eM client and Zimbra?

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    Four years later. Yes, tried eM client with Zimbra and it seems to be working fine.

    For the CalDAV/CardDAV account for calendar/contact sync I used the following URL:

    And it imported Contacts/Calendars without any issue.

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