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Thread: Spam Filters for Zimbra?

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    Quote Originally Posted by phoenix View Post
    If you're having a problem with spam then you need to contact your isp(?)
    As Phoenix has said to the other OP. Alternatively dependent on the O/S you are running does your AV not provide some level of SPAM filtering ?

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    I was hoping that there was something like Spam Bayes for the Zimbra Desktop and not having to rely on my ISP.

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    Default Mark as Spam

    I am using Zimbra via Outlook connector and mainly use the website to conduct all of my work. My question is, does using the "mark as spam" function on Zimbra always send that same address to junk, or is it a one time request?

    Is it better to use "mark as spam" for repetative e-mails or is it better to create a filter and mark as junk, or does either matter?

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