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Thread: Bugzillas and enhancements

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    Default Bugzillas and enhancements


    Our company have bought the zimbra for our users and we felt there are some enhancement that we really hope to see on the next release. (as the system that we moved from have that enhancement and zimbra has not)

    Beside filling in a bugzilla or request for enhancement or casting votes on a bugzilla, is there anyway to request the enhancement to be done on the next release? Or is that a deadline like when the enhancement will be created?

    My boss would like to know when after filling a bugzilla, will zimbra able to get the enhancement out?

    Thanks for any input.



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    Filing in bugzilla and voting are the best options. You may want to file a support case just so we can tie your account to that bug. In general we can't set deadlines for issues but your note should help raise the visibility.
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