I want a set of pdf files used commonly by our organisation to be put in a briefcase of user A. I will refer to this briefcase as Briefcase1.

Then I want this briefcase to be visible on the briefcase list of all the users on my server. I want the other users to be able to share these pdf files externally. These pdf files would be in a hierarchial setup say..


and so on.

Say I am user B. I have this entire briefcase visible to me in my list of briefcases. Now I want to send a particular file to some external user. I can send the link to the external user without any issue and the external user can take a look at the file as its been shared Publicly. All he needs is the URL I sent him.

Now If I want to share the folder A with some external user. Is that possible ? I tried sharing it but it has the share option disabled.

I think it can work if I had shared these files giving the users admin rights. But in that case they can delete the files. I dont want them to add /delete/edit files.. I just need them to have the rights to just shared the folder shared with them..

Is it possible ? Any work around you could suggest. Am stuck with this.. Would appreciate any help..