This is a laundry list that my staff is sending me consistently on our new install. I apologize in advance if some or all do not belong here. When I have time, I'll take it apart and post in the appropriate forum topic but for now, happy reading.

I would appreciate any feedback, fixes, hacks, workarounds, zimlets, etc., that may help alleviate these issues.

Thanks in advance.

A few anomalies want to run by you:

1. Is there any other way to add an image to a signature other than to grab it from a live web source? I tried to point it to an image in a user's briefcase but that is not working either.

2. In Mail, using 'By Conversation' mode in the Inbox and subfolders, one cannot sort some of the columns by clicking on them. The "From:" and one or two others are inactive. Only if the View toolbar setting or Prefs are set for 'By Messages' listing will the column sort be active.

3. By the same token, no matter what mode email listing setting is in, in the Sent box, 'By Conversation' or 'By Message', the "To:" column is not active.

4. Is there any way to increase the notification time for calendar events? We have staffers that need count downs starting two weeks, maybe even, a month out in advance.

5. This is a little out there but staff having now migrated from Outlook are missing the function when email addresses autocomplete that the last or most used email address is not first or just shows up. I think Outlook has a function for this where the most used or if an address hasn't been used in a period of time it doesn't show up. It's a weird request, I know.

6. In Calendar, people are very used to differentiating their events by color. Is there a way to change the color of a specific event in the same calendar? In Zimbra, this is only so on a per calendar basis, not by specific event. Folks are complaining to have to create a different calendar for events just to get a different color.

7. In Calendar, I imported an Exchange Public Folders Calendar from a PST created in a workstation's Outlook client. While it did populate, it did corrupt some entries and triplicated others. That could have been the PST export, too. The question is that some entries that were created by Macintosh Entourage users are not editable. What is the fix for this? Do I have to go to those users and ask them to adjust their settings and resubmit those events to the Exchange server and export the calendar again?

8. In Firefox 2.x and 3.x, right-clicking on an email address only in the header of the email doesn't work. This is a major bug.

9. In Addressbook, in creating a new Group, while a new group can be created into any listed Addressbook, you cannot choose addresses from all of them. I have imported a contact list that was exported from Exchange Public Folders, a master contact list. While the import to Zimbra worked just fine, when creating a new Group, none of the records show up when I choose to add addresses from Personal and Shared Contacts.

10. In trying to move Addressbooks, Calendars, Mail folders, etc., there is no way once they are moved under a parent directory to place them at the same level as the parent; in other words, bring them back up to the parent level.

11. Signature in email. There is no way to automatically default signature in emails nor choose which one is the default.