I don't know if this has been requested before (even though I am sure it has) but are there any plans in the future to bring more features to the IM capabilities to Zimbra? I am currently using the OSS edition and noticed that the jabberd Zimbra uses is very limited.

Are there any plans to give Zimbra the ability to connect to other IMs (such as gtalk, aim, yahoo, etc)? Considering the fact that the goal is collaberation I believe it would be awesome to be able to keep all communication within the web interface Zimbra uses. It would give people an oppurtunity to pass along IM information to customers who do not have an account on the company Zimbra server and it would also make it so other programs would not have to be installed on a computer in order to connect to all the different types of IM services out there.

If anybody knows any way for me to add support for gtalk, aim, yahoo, msn, etc to the web interface IM program... I would greatly appreciate it.

Thank you,