Recently someone told me that Zimbra whas the best Open Sorce Groupware so I decided to install it on a Ubunto 8.04 Server, and it's working fine. Now I have a few questions.

On Zimbra server configuration I need to kow how can it be setup for all deleted messeges (because security is an importen't issue on the company!!) go to another eMail address or a subfolder from were useres can't delete them? only Administrator can delete useres deleted messeges.

Since I'm going to use IMAP to acess the eMails. and SMTP to send them I would like sen't eMail by SMTP go to the IMAP sen't eMails Folder (and they don't go there!!).

I'm not planing to use the web interface for user acess, but a cliente to IMAP a client to task's and a client to messenger, IMAP is simple and it works, what i don't understand is how can I setup for Ex (Pidgin for IM messenger), and Tasks and calender on Evolution.

I tried to install Zimbra Desktop on Ubunto 8.10, and after instalation it dosen't create shortcuts, and if i go into the instalacion folder and try to run it it dosen't open nor says anytyng.