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    Lightbulb Reminder Manager

    I have yet to see it implemented in any collaboration suite--but wouldn't you think a reminder manager would come in handy? Most importantly, a screen that shows what reminders are currently snoozed. An added bonus would be if it could show the next 5 (or whatever) reminders that will fire off--be they snoozed or new reminders, etc. The manager part comes in with the option of being able to snooze them further or dismiss them (without waiting for them to pop again).

    What do you think about having this kind of functionality? Profitable or just "extra fluff"?

    PS I must admit, part of my desire to see something like this feature implemented, is to help me troubleshoot why reminders don't always pop! (A seemingly never-ending problem with Zimbra.)

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    Default Also...

    It always annoys me when I have two reminders and I can't snooze them for different amounts of time... can only dismiss them individually or snooze altogether. (That feature, at least, is something Outlook handles with snooze one--highlighted--or snooze all.)

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