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Thread: Ease of Install

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    For those who see the following error during installation
    Checking for port conflicts
    Port conflict detected: 25 (zimbra-mta)
    Port conflicts detected! - Any key to continue
    Setting defaults from ldap...done.
    You can ignore the error during installation and solve the issue afterwards, see here Port conflict detected: 25 (zimbra-mta) | awesomeIT

    Just in case the website goes offline:

    apt-get remove exim4 --purge
    update-rc.d -f exim4 remove

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    Thanks for link am so glad that i was able to have it done as mentioned in Zimbra In an Hour | What a n00b!..

    hats off!!!
    it is just for test purpose for the latest version, and DNS i have not idea I can log in & send mails but it gets queued with"name server error valid A record not found"
    please help me.

    the queue got cleared by a RESTART saved.. REally thanks.
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