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Thread: Default Mail Search in:inbox not working

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    Unhappy Default Mail Search in:inbox not working

    My ZCS 5.0.14 Default Mail Search is set to in:inbox, but when user login, it return "No results found" instead of my Inbox. What happen here? All my user need to click on Inbox to get to the inbox view instead of loading it auto during login. Typing in:inbox in the search textbox, it works fine.

    I try setting Default Mail Search to is:inbox, it will show the inbox, but Mobile PDA user will get "Unable to parse the search query." and not able to access the inbox from the Mobile GUI.

    Please help.




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    Try reindex of mailbox this should help searching the inbox without any issue.

    zmprov rim <email> start
    you can check the status of index
    zmprov rim <email> status

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