Hello to all and thank you for your attention.

I am using ZCS 5.0.16 and I am experiencing a strange issue when I share a Notebook with other users:

1- I create one or several pages in the notebook, close it and share it.
2- Users receive notification of the shared item, but
3- When they go to the Shared notebook, instead of seeing the list of pages there, they are thrown into edit mode of a page (like they were creating a new page on the shared notebook). When I hit close, I can see the lists of pages momentarily but then I go into edit mode again.
4- This doesn´t happen with all the shared notebooks, but one thing more is that in those notebooks where I CAN see the lists of pages, when I click in one of them to see it, instead of showing me the page in the same browser area, it opens a new browser windos and shows the html page.

Any ideas??

Thank you.

Raul Funes
Next Genesis Technologies, El Salvador
Zimbra Partner