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Thread: Alexa hover i18n problem

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    Default Alexa hover i18n problem


    I am on 3.1.1 version of the network version.

    My browser and PC settings are in UK lang. (except the keyboard).

    When I use schedule appointments, the dates looks good.

    However under calendar, the top right corner when you can scroll weekly, the dates are still 5/15 - 5/19 rather than 15/5 - 19/5.

    And on Alexa hover to a text named "06/05/2006" still says June 05, 2006.

    Any ideas what to change to solve that?


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    1st item looks like an i18n bug. The 2nd may be a bug in the i18n support or in the alexa Zimlet itself. Best bet is to search bugzilla and if you don't find a similar issue then file them.
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