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Thread: keyboard shortcut to a shared folder doesn't work

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    Default keyboard shortcut to a shared folder doesn't work

    I've set up an email user called pfolders and shared it's inbox out to my users. In this way I'm able to simulate the Public Folders that they had on Exchange.

    Now users have found the v [n] shortcuts and want to have a shortcut into the shared folders of pfolders. It doesn't seem to work though. They can only use the v [n] shortcuts to view their own folders.

    Is this by design or is a bug?

    Running 5.0.16 GA on a Cent OS 5.3

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    I just tried it (Zimbra 5.0.15) and it worked OK for me.
    Does the shared folder not show up when they browse or do they select the folder and assign the shortcut OK, but the shortcut fails to work?

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