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Thread: Calendar notification/alert when new events are added to my diary by Third Parties?

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    Default Calendar notification/alert when new events are added to my diary by Third Parties?

    I am using the Web Interface of the Collaboration Suite. We have a business process which allows for our Booking Administrator to place meetings into our calendars on our behalf - these are not meeting invites in case there is any confusion. This is fine and the Booking Admin has full rights etc. The problem I am having is keeping track of all the new entries - I cannot see a preference that will alert or notify me when said Third Party has placed these events into my Calendar...I constantly find myself either scanning through the Calendar looking for additions/amendments or reminding the Booking Admin to send me an email when they assign me a new client engagement. Needless to say this is getting boring and prone to human error.

    So I'm not looking for alert functionality that reminds me of an appointment before it starts but something along the lines of an email when there is a change - daily would suffice. Even an RSS feed that acts as a change log would be cool. Can anyone offer a solution? I am also syncing with my iCal on my Mac (Leopard) if that helps in crafting a solution.

    Many Thanks
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