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Thread: FEATURE REQUEST - Enhanced Yahoo! Calendar Reminders

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    Default FEATURE REQUEST - Enhanced Yahoo! Calendar Reminders

    I love Zimbra thanks for all the hard work

    I'm sorry if this is the wrong place, but the dev forum seemed to be the place for this.

    I miss the additional appointment reminder options when using my yahoo account withing Zimbra.

    In particular I'm talking about:
    1) The option to have two reminders
    2) The option to have those reminders as much as 14 days before the appointment.
    3) The option for those reminders to be delivered via email, mobile and Yahoo IM reminders



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    Thanks for the input, feature requests (or RFEs) go in the bugzilla system (you'll need to create a separate account) so they get to the attention of developers. The Developers forum is for people who are actually making modifications to Zimbra code or developing additional functionality.


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