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Thread: Incorporating SMS sync functionality

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    Default Incorporating SMS sync functionality

    Microsoft Exchange Server 2010, including Outlook Web Access and ActiveSync on Windows Mobile (6.5+) and other devices is incorporating sms sync into email inboxes.

    The new functionality also allows sending of sms from the Outlook and Outlook web access.

    This would be an essential, competitive, and brilliant inclusion for Zimbra. As would voicemail preview from within the message, as many competing software providers have introduced.

    Any news on this?


    P.s. Yes I will seek to add a RFE for these, and I'll link it here. But considering that some (seemingly obvious) RFEs have taken years to reach implementation, or never get a response, I would appreciate some view from Zimbra on this. Cheers.

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    The project team do look at the RFEs but if people do not vote on them I guess they believe the public do not wish to see them implemented. So please file a RFE post it here so we can vote

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    Default RFE's filed - Vote here!

    I have filed an RFE (request for enhancement) for adding SMS sync using the new Activesync/Exchange features.


    Syncing SMS

    Bug 38697 – SMS sync with mobile devices

    I have also added related RFEs to complement this and enable Zimbra to match up to competitors features:

    for syncing call history:

    Bug 38699 – Sync call history from mobile devices

    for inline playing back of voicemail (and other audio) files:

    Bug 38698 – Preview voicemail and other audio files inline

    and, finally,
    for connecting emails received via voicemail-to-web, sms-to-web, fax-to-web to the actually senders:

    Bug 38702 – Recognise and link contact numbers embedded in email addresses

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