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Thread: Please expand Notes field in Address Book

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    Default Please expand Notes field in Address Book

    Hello Zimbra folks. I adopted Zimbra for my company last month and I congratulate you. While nothing is perfect, Zimbra is by far the best solution we've found for sharing contacts/calendars/tasks. Keep up the good work.

    Here is a much-needed improvement that probably wouldn't take much programming effort: In Address Book, the Notes field is too small. I'm referring to the window size (not the amount of text characters permitted).

    At my company we keep extensive notes about our contacts and with Zimbra it's a hassle having to scroll up and down to read notes. Why not expand the Notes window to fill the entire space?


    -MG from Chile

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    If you have any suggestions or enhancement requests (RFEs) for Zimbra they should go in the bug tracking system so it gets the attention of the developers


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