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Thread: I waste time waiting for attachments to upload

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    Default I waste time waiting for attachments to upload

    Hello Zimbra folks,

    Probably the single most frustrating thing about using Zimbra for e-mail is that while uploading attachments, I cannot continue working on the e-mail message. While the upload window is active I can't type or do anything at all in Zimbra.

    Put it this way: If uploading a 5MB attachment takes 30 seconds, during which I can't work, and I send this attachment in 30 separate e-mails throughout the day, I have lost 15 minutes of productivity that day.

    With Google mail this was never an issue as I could continue working on the message while the attachment was uploading.

    Zimbra needs to fix this.


    -MG from Chile

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    Background uploading is already possible with an extension, make sure the server has the Zimlet and your browser has the xpi installed: Zimbra Gallery - Drag and Drop Firefox XPI

    While uploading you can continue to work on the message.

    By saving to drafts before navigating away it'll still upload.
    Do something else, and then visit your drafts when the browser stops 'spinning' and it'll be ready.
    (ZCS 6.0 will create tabs for each message on compose so this navigating away won't feel so 'wrong'.)

    There are several RFE's open on the DnD extension that you may wish to vote for:
    35570 bundle xpi on server
    27153 multi-browser/platform
    24794 detached compose windows
    24694 progress indicator
    38575 drop zone entire compose area

    For regular 'attach files':
    7862 background upload
    22503 progress status
    18678 cancel upload (currently just closes dialog - it still processes upload then removes)

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