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Thread: options available when reading mail in separate window

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    Default options available when reading mail in separate window

    We just added a new company to our Zimbra infrastructure, they are happy with Zimbra but I do have a number of questions I am trying to answer.
    One of them is the "Read email in separate window"

    When u open an email to read in separate window there is only an option to Print and close, no reply or other functionalities ...

    Is there a way to set Zimbra so on double click when a new window appears it can also be used to reply and such ?


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    Same exact issue for a new client setup here. I'm searching forums for answer -

    - Scratch that - found out its supposed to be in 6.0 - and the keyboard shortcuts still work - so this should get our clients by for now ... "r" reply "f" foward, etc.

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