Dear Zimbra Team,

I'm customer since around 6 month, I have no problem with this partner who provide very good hosted version of zimbra. But since 11h30am GMT+1 the 25 June 2008 we get Critical Error when trying to pop GMAIL account :

system failure: Unable to connect to mail store: DataSource: { id=c783100e-2f86-4ad8-ae3a-9b0f9891abe9, type=pop3, isEnabled=true, name=xxxxxx,, port=995, connectionType=ssl,, folderId=2 }

(I hide xxxxx)

We're now the 26 June 2009, 4h19pm GMT+1 and I can't pop since 29h our GMAIL account..... tell us no ETA to fix problem because it's from Zimbra side.

I post here to get an ETA because our business don't allow us to wait so long and without ETA, if this problem is not fixed asap I will have to move to another platform to secure my business.

Please confirm you're aware of this BIG issue and working on it and please give ETA