If this is answered, my apologies. I looked and did not find an exact match:

I subscribe to two internal calendars. When someone posts to one of these calendars with an all day 'meeting', and he/she has reminders set, then those reminders show up in my Calendar and wake me up at midnight. I do not want to disable reminders on all Calendars, just one... and/or just for all day meetings. The other requests and answers I saw allowed one to turn off all reminders and another one allowed setting reminders for all day events but it (according to the post) did not work if it was an all day event and you set your preferences to Never.

If I had a script which I could run, an e-mail I could send to myself, or a way within Zimbra to turn these annoying things off, it would be wonderful.

If you have an answer, please also include the version in which it works... among other things, I am trying to convince our IT dept to upgrade to the latest version... :-)