I'm the administrator, but this is a user problem....so here we go.

We have a new client workstation. When the user tries to open the Zimbra web client in Firefox 3.5.1, the entire Firefox process freezes and has to be terminated using Task Manager. This happens every time...

When the user tries to visit the site, they are redirected to the SSL site, the certificate warning pops up (with no option to import, save, ignore, you can only view the cert or close). If you click view or close, the entire Firefox process hangs.

I exported our Zimbra's CA certificate and imported it into Firefox. Now the warning doesn't appear, the Firefox process just hangs.

The above process and result are the same, even when running Firefox as an user with administrative privileges.

It works fine in IE....

Workstation Details:
OS: Vista Business 32-bit
Browsers: IE 8, Firefox 3.5.1
Antivirus: Avast

Any ideas where to go from here?