I'm looking to move my current (personal) mail system over to zimbra (mostly to gain integrated calendar and address book).

While I had some false-starts I now have Zimbra Server (OpenSource) running in a test VM and it's looking great. Very impressed so far (except with installation.. getting DNS working properly was a nightmare).

I want as much as possible to recreate the setup I have in my current system.

Fetchmail to collect my mail ( i think I saw an article about that on the wiki, and the "external accounts" option should do it if that doesn't work)
Procmail - Mail filters should do for that


This is one I need help with.

I currently have a cron job that runs and cleans up some folders. All my mailing list folders have any messages (that are not flagged) deleted if they are over a certain age.

My inbox and sent mail folder messages are archived into the "archive" folder sorted into Year/Month subfolders.

Is there a facility in Zimbra to do this? My current tool runs directly against maildir folders; but I suspect zimbra doesn't store messages as maildir , so I can't just reuse it.

Any suggestions would be welcome.

Thanks in advance.