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Thread: alter size of displayed contact images?

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    Default alter size of displayed contact images?

    I'm adding images to our contact list.
    The image can be a photo (mugshot), but also a scanned business card.

    the addressbook listview squeezes (squashes!) the image in a 2x2cm square.
    in cardView, the image is not displayed at all.

    Can this be altered?
    fe in listview, show a larger and aspect-correct image in the notes area.
    or make the image clickable and open a full scale image upon click.

    best regards

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    I agree, it would be good to be able to retrieve images through the UI as well and download them (in the original form stored in the database) in a format other than the squashed 2x2cm image appearing!

    It would also be useful to choose to view contact photos in the list view as well.

    It's strange that the equivalent apps available for mobile devices are so far ahead now in terms of UI then many desktop/web apps! For example on Windows Mobile I can download tens of apps which will let me quickly scroll through contacts and let me see pictures, and fields of my choosing. They work more quickly for me than Zimbra Desktop on a pc.

    At present we don't even have autocomplete contact search from the search box (not sure from the undetailed RFEs if that's coming in 6.0).

    Vote for this bug (re: preserving size ratio in contact images: Bug 31712 – Aspect ratio of contact photo is not preserved

    Also, read this RFE on the new Contact UI, maybe vote and comment@
    Bug 38907 – Change contacts UI

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    done and done
    thanks for pointing the bug reports out

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