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Thread: Zimbra w/ Outlook 2007 & Mobile Help

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    Default Zimbra w/ Outlook 2007 & Mobile Help

    I'm an assistant athletic director at the University of Wisconsin Milwaukee. The university is running ZCS, with users having access via the web.

    In our department several users are more familiar and comfortable with Outlook. We are having difficulty utilizing Zimbra to it's maximum capability.

    We are trying to share a calendar with administrators and admin assistants.

    Our administrators are also in need of receiving their mail and calendars on their mobile devices. Many of our staff are using Blackberry devices, most are 8700 Curves. I spoke with university IT services and they say "blackberry does not support our zimbra". Whether that means Zimbra doesn't which I've read that it DOES, or the university didn't upgrade/include Blackberry in our recent change over to zimbra.

    The university is trying to set up a Blackberry enterprise server to accommodate the staff using Blackberry (several months away).

    1. How can I help our staff use Outlook and our Zimbra e-mail & calendars to their full capability?

    2. Is there any way to get our Blackberry's to work without IT changing things with ZCS?

    3. Which devices work best with Zimbra? Are there any devices that update over the air (mail, calendar, & contacts)? Will Blackberry update over the air if certain parameters were in place with ZCS?

    Any help and direction with some of this, plus an overall understanding of Zimbra and it's capabilities.


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    Outlook 2kx support requires Zimbra Network Edition, and so does the BES environment, and I think you are currently using the Open Source version.

    The open source version is freely available for download, while the Network edition is available under a yearly subscription fee per account.

    In exchange you will get techsupport, and a number of additional features, such as support for mobile devices like the blackberry, and outlook. will probably be able to tell you more about this.

    Good luck with your search !

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